Catalina Island

Catalina Island:

On Catalina Island you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding, play a game of world-class golf, go para-sailing, explore charming shops and galleries or just relax by the crystal-clear waters.  Whatever your passion or interest is, the Island of Romance will entrance you.

Traveling by Boat:

In the summer the crossing is generally calm, though those who are sensitive are advised to take a dramamine an hour before departure. Dolphins and whales are spotted fairly often, and the boat captains are good about slowing and turning to get a good view.  Most first-timers try to get a seat on the upper (exposed) decks, only to come back inside once the winds on the channel start to get cool. Grab a seat inside, leave your coat, and then walk the decks. All the boats have snack bars with cocktail service.

Traveling by Helicopter:

Experienced pilots, with a fleet of 3 comfortably upholstered jet helicopters. Especially on days with rough water this is the way to go.

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